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There are tons of Options when it comes to Facebook Advertising. You Can Buy Fans, Drive Traffic to your Website or Landing Page, you can even Boost your own Posts. If you are great in Marketing and Copywriting, sure you can Boost your Posts. For those who are not great at copywriting, don’t Boost your Posts. Here are 3 Reasons why you shouldn’t Boost your Posts.

  1. You Boost posts you get traffic to your posts and probably engagement, but after you stop paying what happens? You don’t get any traffic to your post and no more post engagement.
  2. When you send people to your post, it’s unlikely that they will convert into paying customers. Posts are meant to be Funny, humorous, storytelling and educational. They are not build to driving people to a page and converting them into a customer, surely if your posts can do that, then you can boost them. But for most people, they are not going to see any ROI on it.
  3. When you Boost a Facebook post, It’s costing you money, why not use that money to a paid product or service. This way you will have greater chances of generating revenue.

Boosting a post is not meant for marketing a Business, its meant to engage with your audience. By Boosting Facebook Posts, you are actually paying people to like your post or even comment on it. Facebook has options where you can Advertise and actually be able to sell your product or service.