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Top 7 SEO Tools For Spying On Your Competitors

SEO Tools. Running a Business can be tough, especially when you have those sneaky competitors that are always stealing customers from you. Luckily enough there are tools out there that enable you to see what your competitors are doing online so you could outperform them.

Today I will be sharing with you my top 7 competitor analysis tools that will help you spy on your competition. Some you may have heard about them and some you may haven’t considered them as spying tools.

1.Similar Web


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If you put in a URL, even if its a competitor URL. It will show you how much traffic they are getting. You can use Similar Web to compare if your competitor is getting more traffic than you and where most of their traffic comes from. could it be referrals, social share, organic reach, etc? Knowing how much traffic your competitors are getting and where it’s coming from, will help you to better identify where they are most likely getting their customers from. You can use this data to come up with a better strategy to find more customers for your business.

2. Built With


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Built with shows you all the technology that your competitors are using. I know you may be wondering why the heck should you care what technologies your competitors are using. Here is why, if they are using tools like optimizely that means they are running AB Tests, if they are running AB tests and it helps them convert better, you too should consider running AB tests. If running AB tests is a strategy that they are using to generate sales, then you also should be doing it and optimize for better conversions than them.

3. Wayback Machine


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Built with enables you to see a different variation of your competitor pages, this will give you a clear idea of whats converting better and whats not. This will give you a clear insight on what copy you should be using and what you shouldn’t be doing. Knowing what copy is selling for your competitor’s customers and what copy is not generating more sales for them will enable you to better understand which type of content your audience likes to consume and what they are not interested in, having this type of data will enable you to keep your content more relevant to your target audience.

4. Uber Suggest  SEO Tools

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Uber Suggest shows you their search traffic, how much organic traffic and how much paid traffic they are getting per region. It will also show you their most popular pages, the keywords these pages are ranking for, how many backlinks these pages have and their social share. The reason you want to do this is when you are creating content for your website you will want to create content that’s popular and not create content that no one wants to read. What could be better than knowing where your competitors are getting more customers from? Knowing where they are getting traffics and what type of content your audience love will enable you to come up with a better marketing strategy than them.

5. Buzzsumo

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Focuses more on blog content. If you put your competitor URL. Buzzsumo will show you all their popular blog content by backlinks and social share. This will give you ideas on which blog content you should be creating vs which content you should stop creating. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with content for your own blog. But knowing the type of content your competitor is creating to increase engagement helps you better understand the type of content. You would have to create to keep them engaged and have a clear understanding of topics that are trending in your field. How likely would people share your content? So, If you get enough social shares, more people will start to be aware of your brand and what you do.

6. Social Balde

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Your Competitors have Social Media profiles, whether its Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Likewise, social Blade will show you how popular their social profiles are. It will show you how many followers they are getting on a daily basis compared to how much content they are creating. if they are sharing 5 content per day and gain 1000 new followers per day. Sometimes your competitor may not be posting and get about 100 new followers. Sometimes they might share one content and get about 3000 new followers. Social Blade enables you to see which content they shared that increased their brand awareness and when was in creating. This enables you to better understand the content that may increase your social media presence.

7. What Runs Where

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Your Competitors are not just running Google Ads or Facebook Ads, So many people today are running banner ads. What runs where will show you what copy and which images they are using that are converting more for them. Using What runs where will enable you to see which platforms to focus on if you will be looking to increase your sales. What copy and which images are more likely to drive your target audience into buying decisions.

Using all these 7 tools will enable you to spy on your competitor’s marketing strategies. So, you can have ideas on how you can do better and crush them. Nothing is more powerful than knowing what your rival is doing. It will give you a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. So, you could come up with a better strategy to perform more better than they are.